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We need Your Help! - Website Feedback

By String, on 21-04-2009 20:55

I'm thinking of making changes to the site sometime, so I'd love some feedback.

To make things easy, I've created a google form for this, which can be accessed here. It should take no longer than 5 minutes.

Thank you & God bless,

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NEW Feedback Tab!

By String, on 04-01-2009 02:54

TeamJL Feedack Button Have a burning new idea that is waiting to be implemented? Did you find a bad bug on the site? Is something annoying you?

You can now provide feedback quickly, easily and have fun doing it! Simply click the feedback button on the left side of the website to get started.

We value your feedback, and hope this would make it a snap for you to provide your input.

Thank You & God Bless '_^


Keywords : teamjl uservoice feedback tab
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Sponsorships: Picking up teams

By String, on 29-10-2008 04:40


We are now seeking to pick up and fully sponsor teams, with the intention of representing Jesus and being a light in the different gaming communities out there, and in order to provide a good, clean gaming environment for gamers in general.

If interested, Fill out the form at and we will be in touch shortly.
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